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    First published: August 2017

Notable members of the Ionic Community

There are many people in the Ionic community that share their experience and knowledge by creating blog posts, tutorials, articles, Youtube videos, or even books or courses that can help other Ionic users.

Here is an (incomplete) list of people whose content influenced

  • Ionic Team
  • Sani Yusuf - presentations, courses
  • Julien Renaux - talks, tutorials
  • Mike Hartington - Ionic, courses, Slack, Twitter
  • Ashteya Biharisingh - tutorials
  • Paul Halliday - courses, youtube, tutorials
  • Simon Grimm - tutorials, membership site
  • Joshua Morony - videos, tutorials, book
  • Raymond Camden - course
  • Ibby Hadeed - Ionic Native
  • Max Schwarzmüller - courses
  • Aaron Czichon - tutorials, meetups
  • Matthieu Drula - tutorials, book
  • Yann Braga - tutorials
  • Jorge ‘javebratt’ Vergara - Firebase, articles
  • Chris Griffith - book

Cordova Community

Ionic uses Cordova to build native apps, so everything Cordova is also relevant for Ionic:

    First published: August 2017