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Ionic Zone aims to be the #1 source for educational content about Ionic Framework and related technologies. This means original content about every topic a new or experienced Ionic developer could need, but also curating what great content is out there by other authors.


The site you are at started as a big Ionic bookmarks folder where I collected all the good and relevant articles and blog posts about Ionic Framework. Pretty soon it got a sister Ionic 2, when Ionic v2 based on Angular was preview-ed, beta-d and then released.

This folder was very important for me in learning my way around and building successful apps. Why keep it for myself?

I also felt the itch to write some things down myself. Compared to other framework ecosystems, there is surprisingly little content about Ionic published on the web. There are some people that work on changing that, but in comparison to the whole amount of Ionic developers out there is is still tiny.


So is my try to share my expanded bookmark folder with everybody. I also want to write the content that is right now missing but would help beginners or even experienced Ionic developers to build better apps.

Let me know what you think, and have fun learning more about Ionic!


Oh yeah, maybe you’re wondering about the person behind I’m Jan Piotrowski, an IT Business Engineer working in software development; Sujan12 on the Ionic Forum where I am a moderator and janpio on Github where I try to help out a bit in Ionic related repositories as well.