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  • What is Ionic?
  • What is Cordova?
  • How do Cordova plugins work?
  • How does Ionic Native work?
  • Do I have to have a Mac? What Mac should I get?


Technical Details

  • package.json vs. config.xml
  • Webpack? Rollup?
  • How does Cordova work on iOS?
  • How does the Ionic startup process work?
  • When does which code gets executed? (not exactly when you expect)
Ionic CLI
  • How ionic serve works internally (rebuild all files, listen for changes etc.)
  • Why does Ionic CLI “wrap” the cordova commands as ionic cordova?
  • Can I use cordova directly instead of doing ionic cordova?


  • How to try out new Ionic CLI versions safely
  • How to install Android for Ionic


  • How can I create an Ionic project with this specific Ionic Framework version?
  • How to manually do what ionic start is doing?


  • How to fork a Cordova Plugin to improve it (or apply a unmerged Pull Request)
  • How to preload lazy loaded pages (or modules) in the background
  • How to understand the size of your Ionic app?
  • How to add a Cordova plugin, that has no wrapper in ionic-native, to a Ionic project?
  • How to restrict your Android app to tablets only?
  • How to get Push-Token/RegistrationId from Push plugin?
  • How to filter a list?
  • How to add Google Analytics to an Ionic App?
  • How to use Cordova plugins in Ionic that are not supported by Ionic Native?
  • How to open PDFs in Ionic apps
  • How to display PDFs in Ionic apps = pdf.js and build a viewer into your app
  • How to download PDFs in Ionic apps
  • How to use jQuery in a Ionic project?
  • How to use mailto: and tel: links in Ionic on Android and iOS
  • How to use mailto: and tel: links in Ionic (with WKWebView) on Android and iOS
  • How to add a database to an Ionic project?
  • How to install a specific cordova-android version that is not released yet?


  • Using Lottie Animations in Ionic


  • How to save stuff in Ionic
  • How to save stuff in Ionic and do something useful with it
  • What other options for persistence are there?
  • How to cache Images locally?

Ionic Native

  • What Ionic Components can be replaced by native (and better) plugins?

Ionic and …


  • How to change the browser opened by ionic serve?


Beta Testing

  • HockeyApp
  • TestFlight + Play Store Beta


  • How to remote debug your app
  • How to solve common “Request URL” problems in Ionic
  • The many ways to debug a problem with an Ionic app
  • Where does Remote Debugging with Chrome / Safari work? Ionic View? Debug Builds? Prod builds?

Common Error Messages

  • Error: Could not find gradle wrapper within Android SDK


  • How to speedup the startup of your Ionic 2 application



  • How to deploy an Ionic App as a website
  • How to upload your Ionic iOS App on Windows?


  • How to upgrade to a new Ionic v2 version
  • How to update Ionic in an existing project?
  • How to upgrade Cordova
  • How to Upgrade from Ionic 2 to Ionic 3?
  • How to Upgrade from Ionic Native 2 to Ionic Native 3?
  • How to upgrade an old Ionic 2 project to the current version?
  • How to check if something has to be updated? (Ionic, Ionic CLI, App-Scripts, Cordova etc.)


  • How to create a Codepen or Plunkr to recreate your Ionic UI problem
  • Writing good forum posts about your specific problem with your Ionic app