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    First published: August 2017

Ionic and Fastlane

Ionic + Fastlane

This series of articles investigates and explains how to use Fastlane with your Ionic or Cordova projects for automating common tasks that normally are done manually and take tons of time.

Introduction, Preparation

What is this all about?

Installation, Initialization

Before we get to the really fun part…

Upload App Metadata to App Store and Google Play

Have all app data for both stores in (versioned) local files and upload with one command.

Build your app

Automatically build your app (Includes fully automated handling of iOS certificates).

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Upload your app

Upload your Debug app for testing

Upload your app for testing via different beta distribution services.

Publish your Release app

Upload your app to the app stores for release.

Additional functionality for building and testing:

Take Screenshots of your App and upload to App Store and Google Play

Automated screenshot creation in all required formats and languages.

Advanced Topics

iOS only


If you don’t have time for all the explanation and nice prose I wrote, here is a TL;DR version that only lists the commands, necessary inputs and steps for everything.

Example project on GitHub

You can also cheat a bit and take a look at this example project on GitHub. It includes all the things generated by following the above steps:

The README also explains what to do to get it working locally, and links to the (automatically generated) fastlane README that lists all the functionality available.

    First published: August 2017